Technical Support

We have more than 20 years working in the Information Technology industry; we put all this experience at your service to give the support needed to keep your IT infrastructure running at 100%. Along with these services we give advice to choose the equipment and software that better fits your needs.

In this age, computer hackers aren’t content with erasing your data or damaging some files on your PC, the have truly become international gangs with their sights on stealing personal information, mainly financial. To avoid this we help you install and configure antivirus software with the best performance in the market.

If it’s already too late and you are already infected, we help you in the elimination of virus, potentially unwanted programs (PUP) and fake antivirus.

We make full backups of your data to keep your business going. In the case that the worst happens, this copy will help you get back to business in the shortest time.

Inline with this, we design a backup strategy, adapted to your needs, to keep your backups always up to date.

We search for and choose computer programs that satisfy your business requirements, whether for accounting, customer relationships, processes, etc. After choosing it, we assist you with the installation and training to your users so that you can start working as soon as possible..

We design and build networks to interconnect your computer equipment; either using structured cable or wireless. We also install internet access control system to keep your users from visiting unsuitable websites or wasting office time in non productive activities.

In case of failure of your equipment, we proceed to repair it and get them back up as soon as possible to keep this dead time from affecting your operations.