Web Design

In Searchbox we give a modern and functional design to your website. This way your visitors will feel attracted to the information you provide to them and will help them find what they are looking for faster and easier. On top of this, we look for ways to integrate your site on your company’s production processes, allowing it to become a helping hand to improve customer service.

Compatibility with all devices

Right now, more than 20% of internet users browse the web using portable devices: smartphones, tablets besides the more traditional desktops and laptops. As this trend keeps growing up, all the web pages we design adapt to the screen size of the user’s device without turning attention away from your content.

Contact Form

Establish initial communication with your prospects and collect contact data of importance for your business.

Basic Search Engine Optimization

We give insight so that the content for your website adapts to the guidelines of Search Engines, giving you a good ranking among the search results of users interested in your brand.

Search Engine Publishing

After optimizing your content for Search Engines, we proceed to publish your site on major Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). What good is a website if nobody finds it?

Analytics Reporting Configuration

We configure all the pages of your website to be constantly monitored. This will allow you to know how many visits your site receives, from what geographic region, the device used, main language of the user, etc. Using these reports you will know exactly if your information is reaching your target.

Maintenance and Support

In the last step of the cycle we give you the maintenance service to keep your site running smoothly. We update the content of your page, perform software updates and keep an eye on the visitor’s rate to know if the strategy is working or if any adjustment is needed.

Multiple Languages

If your target market reaches across several regions, with different languages, we adapt the page to display the translated content, giving  users all over the globe access to your information without any issues.